Hiccups due to memory swapping on Windows 8 and Live eating memory - possible solutions?

Hi all,

we use Ableton for live performances, but for a number of reasons we have each song as a series of wav files (kick, snare, bass, synths and percussion, effects), and all songs are loaded into a single session. This allows us to use Max for Live tools to "mix" one song into another, so we have a one-hour continuous set where we can play over live (horns, guitar, vocals).

Computer is a quadcore i7 with 8Gb ram, Windows 8 and the whole project is on an external SSD drive. Problem is, we regularly have hiccups (even live!) although I cleaned out the complete computer. The culprit is the memory: it fills up to more than 90%, at which point the computer starts swapping memory to the hard disk and back. Reading from the hard disk is interrupted by other processes, which gives the hiccups.

We tried a lot of things, including managing the computer to interfere as little as possible with Ableton (Ableton is set standard to high priority on the cores, has its own dedicated cores to run on, antivirus is in gaming mode, all other software is uninstalled, and there's a special user account for live sets). Still, this doesn't do the trick. If I check the performance, it turns out that Ableton uses over 2Gb of the memory, the OS uses another 2Gb, and 3Gb in the memory is unaccounted for but is released when Ableton is closed.


So the questions:

- Why is Ableton eating all that memory and where can I find it???

- What other solutions do we have to prevent this from happening? 

For the record: "buy a Mac" is not a valid answer as not an option. Unless you pay for it. Then I'll gladly send you my home address for shipping.


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  • mcbpete
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    You could possibly try downloading the 64 bit version of Ableton - It'll allow you to address more than 4Gb of RAM.

    Really surprised it's suffering so bad though as that's what I've done in my live sets (slowly mixing track elements together over the course of an hour) where a couple of dozen or so .wav tracks are playing at once, and there's no clicking/hiccups.

    Good luck man !

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  • hanstimmermans
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    i have the same problem ...

    for less problems i do these things:

    - use the 64bits version

    - deleted the swap function.

    - clean start up and give the os the time to start all service including delayed ones

    - load everything in ram with the ram switch

    - render all kontakt instruments

    i have some better results...


    3 years ago | 0 comments

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