Hi i cant seem to install my korg m1 . I have it on my mac and can play it but not in ableton standard .Sorry but new to this

Downloaded the korg  m1 but cant find it any where in  ableton .It has a licence and installed on my mac but cant play in through ableton , tried to install packs ect drag drop but with no joy . Am i doing something wrong ? im new to this i.e 4 months and wanted to add something and thought the korg looked good. .

Thanks PHILL .


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    You mean the M1 vst, i guess? Not the hardware, right? 

    M1 is a vst, so you need to install it, but also need to put the plugin in your (custom) vst folder. Then, set that folder in Live's preferences and scan it. If you did all of that correctly, it should show up as a plugin.

    Playing a stand-alone vst instrument is not the same as playing it within Live. 

    In the manual, there's a section that explains how to use vst's

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