Hey I bought myself a Behringer Vmx 200 Mixer and Im wondering if I can use it with ableton and how would be the perfect setup for a live set?

I just produce music with ableton and never really mix stuff soI thought I coudl try it out.It woudl be also awesome if ou could give me tips and tricks for a "perfec" live set.


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    The only things you could use it for would be;

    Use it with a soundcard that has at least 2 stereo outputs. Send some tracks to channel 1, and send some tracks to channel 2. You can then use the mixer/fader to switch between tracks, and pre-listen your tracks before mixing them with the VMX.

    Since the mixer is not equiped with midi or audio-FX, that'a about all you can use it for in a live set. 

    If you want to use Live for livesets or dj-sets, I would advise you to get a good multi-channel soundcard and one or more midi controllers.

    You won't need the mixer for a liveset; if you do need a mixer, you can just connect the soundcard to the dj-mixer in a club.

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