Hey guys, I have a problem with copying a Midi track. (Please help me! )

When I would copy the track so that i have two tracks with the same instrument and clips on, the second track is a bit detuned so that the both overlaying clips aren't in key. You can argument with "just detune the second track as long as it fits" but that should't be. If I copy a track it should/must! be the same as the original I think. 

Would be pretty nice if you guys can help me! :)

(PS: I'm using Ableton Live 9)


- Slix


Slix 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Could it be that it is not actually detuned at all? Sounds to me like you get phase issues. This would make sense, because you are playing the exact same sound/instrument on 2 tracks at the same time. So you get 2 times the exact same frequency that clashes.
    Should be fine after changing the sound manually on one of the midi tracks, or after transposing one of the 2.

    Hope this helps.

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  • snugsound
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    If your sound source is a virtual analog soft-synth then this could be the result of oscillator drift. As the previous poster mentioned, it's a phase thing, not a tuning thing. Look for an option like "Oscillator retrigger" or "Oscillator start phase" and set it to on/0.

    Alternatively, if the patch has an LFO modulating something then it could be that the LFOs are drifting. Try setting them to retrigger as well.

    I guess the bigger question is: why do you want to exactly double a part? Contrary to popular belief it's not going to you a bigger sound. If anything you want minor variations between the two parts as it will create a more natural sounding "chorus" (pan them hard left and right for maximum effect).

    Finally, I will add: many soft-synths have a "spread" or "stereo detune" option which will do exactly this without the need for doubling up.

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