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hey guys, 

so i got this mpd and i dont know very much about it. and i dont speak the language very well. but i have some specific needs i would like to meet. so some help would be great.

not sure how the preset stuff really works, but it seems to me like i could have 30 presets all controlling ableton in their own way. so what i would like to be able to do is use the pads to trigger clips (the red box script that a dude posted awhile back) on preset 1, then use the pads for playing drums on preset 2, then controlling effects and such for presets 3 4 5 etc...

is this even possible? haha again i dont know the rules for this stuff and im having trouble. can i not change the pads behavior from preset to preset? or am i talking about entirely different scripts? really just lost and frustrated here. cant find any relative questions or videos about this. i could use a hand.


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    I am talking from MPD24 experience, which should be similar.


    Presets on the MPDs remember settings for each of the knobs, faders, pads and transport controls. The other buttons are non-assignable I think.


    The settings depend on which of these you are talking about,

    and may consist of:


    type of MIDI message the control sends

    which note or continous controller it uses

    the note triggering mode

    channel on which the control sends (common channel, or per-control 1-16)

    range of values (you can reduce the standard MIDI range or reverse it)



    The MPD was made to be used for different purposes in different situations, just as you want.

    Now, since we are talking about MIDI, you also need to have these MPD "presets" mapped to functions in Ableton Live. There are two options here:


    have MPD26 fixed on one preset, and change mappings in Live

    have fixed mappings in Live, and change MPD presets (which is what you described)


    The mappings in Live can be made in three ways:

    MIDI mapping function, which is kind of like a preset on the MPD, but specific to a Live set

    Instant mappings, also known as Control Surface mappings

    User remote scripts (custom instant mappings)


    Now, you can combine these options with the first two in the following ways:


    1a) fixed MIDI mappings in a default set - different presets on the MPD

    1b) fixed MPD preset (f.ex. named "Live Generic") - different empty sets with different mappings for different workflow

    2a) fixed MPD26 control surface mapping (available in LIve) - different presets on MPD (no need for manual mapping)

    3a) fixed custom user remote script - different presets on MPD (no need for manual mapping)

    3b) fixed MPD preset - different user remote scripts (no need for manual mapping)


    Each of these might be a little more comfortable depending on the exact thing you are trying to achieve.


    Hope this helps a bit...




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