Help! What kind of laptop should i buy to run ableton?

I've had ableton for awhile now and while i was working on a song i dropped my laptop off of my lap and it slammed into the ground. It is a mac that's about 10 years old now and ever since it fell it has been running really slow. I'm trying to decide whether or not i should buy a quad core mac or a pc laptop that's upgraded. I honestly know barely anything about computers themselves and i just want one that i can run my music software fast and do homework with. So mac or pc? And why should i choose whatever one you think is better? Any brands or links to websites would be very appreciated. Thanks for your time.


VincentQ18 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • jason h
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    pc laptop is going to be a hard one you really have to buy one setup for music production and they cost just as much as a mac does. mac's are said to be the quietest for recording into some type of electrical hum with pc's. and window allways updating so you don't know if your stuff going to work properly after thoes thing's. and the new mac's will be out in october soon. i thinking about a i mac with one of thoes I7 quad in it myself pretty good deal for the money. that how i see it and i own a PC!!!

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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