Help using a Launchpad and Kaoss Pad 3 at the same time please?

Hello everyone. I am completely new to this but i really love the version of live that came with my launchpad and i am trying to get better at making music so i need your help.

I have an iMac desktop computer (4 usb plug ins), a kp3 and a Launchpad.  So right off the bat you will notice i don't have one of those things that is used to process sound separately from my computer (interface? or something) 

If you could maybe explain/ recommend a basic or moderately priced one that would be amazing. I don't know what they are but just from looking around the internet for a solution i think i might need one.

I just started using live about 4 days ago so all I'm doing right now is cutting my own clips from songs i like and triggering them with launchpad via USB. I know that user 1 mode can trigger effects but i have a Kaoss Pad from when i was really into beatboxing and i would love to be able to use it to add some really nice glitch sounds to my songs on the fly!

Thank you so much for any help. I am really looking forward to getting everything setup/get everything i need so i can really jam!



Edit: (Summary of what I'm using)

-Launchpad via usb

-i have a kp3 but have never used it via usb, just live looping with a mic

-DAW = ableton live launchpad edition


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  • Near Earth Object
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    Hi there!


    To help you on your way; I can really advise you to get a good audio interface; this is essentially an external soundcard that is connected to your computer via USB or firewire. (depending on the type)

    It can process your audio with much better quality than your onboard soundcard AND can give you the option to connect midi-devices, external instruments or effects.

    There's a lot of good interfaces available, but what you need to look for in your case would be; multiple audio in- and outputs (I would recommend 4 as a minimum), midi-connections, 24 bit/44100kHz or higher audio-processing, and possibly XLR connections in case you buy some decent active monitor-speakers.

    Midi-connections are not necessary for your KP3, I think, because (if I'm not mistaken) it also sends midi-data through the usb connection. 

    To be able to use your Kaoss pad as an fx-unit in Live you need to connect the in- and outputs to your interface. interface-out to KP in, and KP-out to interface-input.

    If you use outputs 1 and 2 of the interface for the master-output of Live (stereo) you can use 2 extra outputs (3&4) to connect the KP3.

    Set the preferences in Live to make sure the audio channels are set up correct.

    Now you will be able to send audio from tracks to the KP3 and back into Live.

    Best option would be to use Live's "external audio effect" plugin and set the midi and audio in- and outputs to use the KP3.

    If you want you can also use the KP3 to control effects in Live by using it as a midi-controller. There's a lot of info online to see how this can be done.

    But like i said; I would start with a good audio interface!

    Good luck!



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  • xavbrooke
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    I recently bought the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (an audio interface) which is on offer (169GBP instead of 250GBP) until the end of dec - which brought it into my price range.  My KP3 is now happily connected to ableton and can be used alongside my launchpad etc using a setup as described above (thanks for the advice Near Earth Object - v helpful!). Using the KA6 as my soundcard (selected in Ableton preferences) has improved the quality of the audio no end - was using the card built into my laptop before - and reduced the dreadful lag I was having when I had tried rigging up my KP3 / synth to live through usb during my unsucessful experiments.

    The KA6 seems pretty solidly built to me and has all sorts of inputs / outputs - though to be fair my experience of different audio interfaces is limited.

    I believe the KA6 is on offer everywhere.  The offer says it's for owners of some NI product or other, but that's not actually true - it's open to anyone :o) It is mac compatible as far as i am aware.

    Hope that helps,


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