HELP! Mixing a live performance with 22 channels, each with HUGE wavs

Hi all

I've been given a task to do some mixing of a live performance of a local band.


I've got the stems from each of the 22 channels from the mixing desk, but each channel's WAV file is 500MB!! Can live handle this? How has anyone here tackled this?


Alternatively, I could snip each wav into smaller chunks and use them - is there software that could break a wav into smaller, equal parts??


Thanks in advance.




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    There are 2 main reasons why your wav files could be so large: they are either very long in time or they are recorded in a very high sample rate (or a combination of these 2)

    The solution for the first problem is easy- chop up the stems into shorter ones- e.g.- if they've recorded their entire concert as 1 long file- cut the individual tracks, and mix them separately. - you can do this in live itself

    If your files have let's say a 96 or even 192khz sample rate- render the individual stems back to 44.100khz by exporting them separately from live,but making sure you sample rate  is set to 44100khz in the preferences tab of live. Also make sure that no warping is applied to you audio files while you do this.

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