HELP! Kontact + External Instrument(s) 8 Channel "Preset"


I am trying to set up a "preset" group that contains a single instance of Kontact with the output
routing preconfigured to 7 midi channels containing external instruments. Essentially, I would like 8 midi tracks, one obviously containing Kontact itself, and the 7 others using external instruments to receive audio, therefore allowing me to mix and effect them seperatley in LIVE.

I can get this to work for the first 5 tracks, however, I have to use Kontacts Aux channels to recieve a stereo signal. For tracks 6 7 and 8, I have to pick a single "Kt unassigned" channel in the external instrument, so I only get a mono signal playing out of the left and right.

Basically the problem is this:
When I pan the instruments left and right INSIDE KONTACT it works fine for the first 5 instruments, but the remaining three tracks can only play a mono signal from Kontact.....
I have been working on this for far too long.....PLEASE someone tell me they know how to fix this so I can get back to making music......

Is there someway to make an External Instrument Device receive two of the options from the Audio from section?

Also, I would like to not have to use the 4 aux channels for instuments 2,3,4 and 5 if possible to reserve them for different uses....

I posted this in the forum, but I would like an answer quickly if at all, so I'm also asking here


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    So, I'm not sure which version of Kontakt you are using, but I am using Kontakt 5, and have gotten this to work just fine for a while for exactly the same number of midi tracks feeding into Kontakt via an External Instrument.

    Above is my default setup for Kontakt. Before, I had all 7 midi channels sending midi on 1-8. I just tried setting this up again, and it worked. One way to solve this problem could be to use an instrument rack with 2 External Instruments running in parallel. What you can do is send the midi from one External Instrument to the Instrument in Kontakt that you want to play, and send the other to a channel that is not being used such as 16. What you can then do is route the Instruments that are in Kontakt to the mixers you were using before, and then have each External Instrument pick up the mono signal that will be coming out. All you have to do after that is pan them to their respective sides and you should be golden.

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