hdd overload, caching samples on first run

If I play a bigger arrangement in the arrangement view for the first time after I opened Ableton, after waiting for the samples to be loaded (as indicated by the blue bar ob the lower left edge), the set nontheless is overloading the hdd and produces many dropouts or many sounds to be silent from time to time.


After the frist time song is played from the start to the end, the problem doesn't occur. Its like ableton needs to cache the files by playing them.


Performance shouldn't be a problem: i5, 4gb RAM, 7200rpm hdd -> other daw don't mess up like that. (plus its not a general problem: again, after the first "round" set is going easy)


Ableton 8. Are there any workarounds or ideas??

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Robocopchris 5 years ago | 0 comments

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