Having trouble setting up buffer size and driver error compensation

Hello, I'm having quite a bit of trouble setting up the buffer size and the driver error compensation using Ableton Live Lite 8.2.4 and I am using a Focusrite Scarlett interface. I have an ASIO audio driver, but I can't change the "buffer size" in the "preferences window in the Ableton program. And I can't seem to find where I can adjust the buffer size anywhere on my computer. 

I am currently running on the default 442 Samples. My Sample Rate is set to 44100 KHz. Input latency is 21.4ms and output latency is 31.4ms. Overall latency is 109 ms. Where can I find where to adjust the buffer size on my computer. I feel like this is an important step.

Also, I am having trouble with adjusting the driver error compensation. I did the whole thing that Ableton recommends with putting a plug running from the input to the output in my interface, and played and recorded the clip. And I found that my the drum sound was being recorded 56ms too late. So I adjusted the milliseconds in the driver error compensation window in "Preferences". But it didn't adjust anything! I still get a 56ms delay, what's up with that? 

Any help is much appreciated.


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    The driver latency compensation will only work once you have recorded your audio and its "printed" in the grid . But meanwhile recording it you will have still your starting point delay + driver compensation.
    You will see next to your soundcard name in the preferences -> audio . config . There you should be able to fiddle with the parameters of your soundcard

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