Having trouble downloading Ableton Live Suite 8.3


When I download Ableton Live Suite 8.3 to my mac, the total file size is 1.83 GB. I am hesitant to delete/switch over from version 8.2 because the total file size of Ableton 8.2 is 2.22 GB. 

I am curious what 8.3 is missing to have less space being used, and therefore I don't know how I should go about properly installing this new update so that I do not loose anything in my Current Ableton Live Suite 8.

Also, How do you authorize the new version when you install it?

If you can help me out with this, I would really appreciate it. 




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    If you install 8.3 as well as 8.2 you will be able to run either one, meaning that if there is a problem with 8.3 you can still use 8.2.

    There isn't anything missing from 8.3 that was in 8.2, don't worry about file sizes.

    You won't need to authorise 8.3 if you have already authorized 8.2.


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