Having trouble automating through full range of values in clip envelopes

I'm using the Ambient-Alien Riches instrument rack.  The Global Time macro control has a range of -100% to +100%.  I've recorded a clip with this instrument and I want to automate this parameter within the clip, setting it to -50% for part of the clip.  However, the clip view's envelope editor doesn't allow me to set the parameter below 0%.  I've tried it both with and without draw mode, and I simply cannot pull the envelope down below 0%.

I guess the workaround is to record the clip into a track, go into arrangement view and edit the envelope there, then extract the track back into a new clip, but I shouldn't need to go through that hassle just to set the clip envelope to a value that I know the macro control supports.

(Live Intro 8.2.6 running on Mac OS/X Lion)

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    All the controls have real (MIDI) values of 0-127 regardless of the labelled values. Within the envelope in clip view the range starts at 0 and goes up to 127 so in the case of the parameter you are looking at 0 equals -100% and 127 equals 100% with 64 being 0%. What you need to do to enable this range in the clip view is to ensure that the parameter itself (Global Time) is set to full (100%) by default, this clip envelope works within the range defined by the default position of the parameter so if your parameter is set as default to -100% the clip envelope will hav a range of 0, if the parameter is set as default to 100% you will have a range of 127 i.e. full range. 

    If you didn't get that just set your 'Global Time' macro to 100% then try the envelope again... it will give you full range and -50% will be a value of 25 in the clip envelope.

    Enjoy : )


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  • thirdfaceofjanus
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    Thanks, your answer helps a lot.  You can tell I'm a newbie :)

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