Having Quicktime installed causes live to freeze up when loading some mp3s

This has been reported on the forums for a while but I don't know if there is a long term fix. Basically if I have quicktime installed (which I believe ableton uses to decode some mp3 and mp4 files) then some of my mp3s cause ableton to freeze up. If I uninstall quicktime, most of those mp3s work but then ableton won't play mp3s with artwork embedded (as well as itunes DRM free aac files).

Apart from converting everything to wavs, does anyone have a solution?


tigermendoza 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Carlosnik
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    According to what i know, the only solution by the moment is to convert the ID3 from Mp3 files to ID1 version.

    If you are a Windows user, you can do this with Winamp, for example, where you can edit the file info and the ID3 from any mp3 file.

    Even if a track is loaded up in Native Instrument´s Traktor Pro / Traktor 2 , it s been known that Ableton wont load Mp3 because they seem to be harmed.

    The quick solution does not come with Quicktime, you should work your files without letting any application to upgrade the IDs.

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