Having multiple massive synth preset changes in one midi clip

i have a track with midi clips on it which trigger my massive synth which has 127 programs inserted. on each clip i have a program change setting that selects a different synth patch as i trigger it.. what i would like to do is during the length of that midi clip in-between midi notes i would like to be able to send new program change info so during the clip massive is changing patches, its seems this cant be done using controller envelopes or am i missing something? i used to be able to do this in cubase by inserting a program change note on the grid just like a midi note.. this can some times give great FX while changing synth patches. what is the best way to do this in an Ableton midi clip?

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    Currently it is not possible to send multiple program changes from one clip inside of Live.  

    However, a possible workaround is to map each program change clip to a MIDI note and then trigger the clip using another clip whose track output has been routed out of Live using IAC or MIDI Yoke and back in to Live.

    More info on virtual MIDI here:


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