Having difficulty quantizing the END of a clip/scene, clips are stopping before the next scene launches

Basically, I've got a scene thats playing, and I activate the next scene to start in 2 or 4 bars time. I have to do this early (I can't do it right before with a shorter quantize) because I leave launch mode and do some stuff real time with a filter/delay using the knobs above the pads.


Basically, the problem is as soon as I set the next scene to start, the clips not featured in the next scene stop playing on the beat. The only way I've found to keep them playing involves disabling loop and letting these clips play to the end instead of switching scenes, but this isn't practical due the fact that -

a) I need hands free to do my real time automation with the knobs

b) even with a free hand it would involve activating around a dozen clips, which involves some crazy pad tapping/scrolling

Is there any way I quantize the clips to stop at the end of the four bar sequence when the next scene begins? because they currently stop as soon as the next scene button is pressed (even though that scene itself doesn't start for another 2 - 4 bars).

any help would be much appreciated :)


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    With global quantise set to 4 bars, all clips in a scene should keep playing until the next scene starts, so the behaviour you describe doesn't sound normal, if you've set your global quantise. However I wish there was a quantisation setting for the clip END in the clip launch settings - i need this! Esp for spot SFX that need to stop dead on cue rather than on the beat. Maybe there is a way to quantise clip endings, I'm looking too!

    One workaround for your problem could be to duplicate the clips you want to keep playing onto the next scene, turn off Loop on them (and set desired length) and activate "Legato" in their launch settings so they continue rather than restart when the scene changes.

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