Has color balance of button lights improved on Push 2 ?

I have a push 1, there was always a hardware issue with the color of the button lights, many of the white ones were really pink, as yellow some were darker than others etc.

From the forums it seems like this was a common if not universal issue. I have not seen any mention of that being remedied in the push2 , although to do so would be to admit a serious flaw in the push 1. Im wondering if anyone has used the push2 yet or can comment on whether they redesigned how the led color balance works?


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  • producer_steve
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    A little but there's still issues with the lighter colour shades and whites not matching. I asked if there was a calibration tool for the LEDs and an Ableton representative said they would produce one if enough people asked for it. They had such a tool for Push 1. It's my main criticism of the Push, Maschine is on the money so why shouldn't Push 2 be?

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  • capturechap
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    I just got my Push 2 in and I am trying the sequencer. I am a bit colordisabled, so I don't see the difference between unused steps and light touched steps in the sequencer. So a way to make the lights more suitable to ones own needs would be most welcome. 

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  • dozz
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    Its even worse than on push 1 especially if you find white color of LEDs used for naming annoying and distracting and try to decrease the brightness , they decrease together with pad lights.??  Even i use push1 daily i have problems figuring out whats playing on Push 2. Hint 1 :  Ableton people that orange lights on buttons of Push1 was with purpose (learn little more about influence of light colour to human eye,mind).  2. Ableton people learn little more about material that are used on car dashboards to stop sun reflections (your push2 casing is one big  shiny distracting reflector). In terms of knowledge what materials and colors to use to build Push 2 i must say Push2 is step DOWN form Push1.Hint 3:  Putting this low quality display in era of ipads , iphones with uhd res. is another step down. I dont know what type of technology u used to implement dimming but must say its very bad, and very distracting.. 

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