Has anyone had problems with Reason7 and Live 9 Rewire after an upgrade?

Launched Live9 first to host Reason7 as Slave. Reason7's HARDWARE INTERFACE Rewire indicator not lit up so no Rewire.


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    As I've did this 6 months ago but didn't remember the resolution, I found it twice as difficult to locate a 2nd time.  It was EXTREMELY frustrating.   

    in the first response the link isn't working, plus forums aren't there any longer or access to old saved links and "searches" may only yield general results, as I'm still waiting over the weekend for a response from customer support, I did find my answer but also wanted to be even that much more specific with my response to help others in the future.

    I just recently upgraded my Reason 7.01 to 7.11 only to have my rewire not work in the middle of inspiration.  :( Using a Windows 7 64 Bit Machine - When you install or reinstall reason it defaults to the same bit as your machine.  No real benefit to using ableton 64 bit just yet 4/12/2015, as I currently have my abelton 8.4.2 (32 bit) installed on my machine.  

    Even getting two similar answers, and general answers that touch on the resolution but aren't specific, I wanted leave updated direct, easy clear info, and an updated online answer.  

    direct from reasons site for the manual : answer can be found on page 21 http://cdn.propellerheads.se/Reason7/Manuals/Reason_7_Installation_Manual.pdf

    1. Open the Reason DVD (or the Reason download package, if you have downloaded the program from the web) in the Windows Explorer. 

    2. Right-click the "Install Reason.exe" file and select "Create Shortcut". If the file is on the DVD, you will be asked if you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop - click Yes.

    3. Locate the shortcut you just created, right-click it and select "Properties".

    4. On the "Shortcut" page of the Properties dialog, locate the Target field and add  "/32" at the very end.  NO QUOTES! The Target field should say  

    (Example) D:\Install Reason.exe" /32 (although the drive letter may not be "D", depending on your setup) / and also notice the one space after the quotes? 

    5. Click OK.

    6. Double click the shortcut file to install a 32-bit version of Reason. The installed Reason version will have the name "Reason (32)" on the Start menu and desktop. You can have the regular 64-bit version installed at the same time if you like.

     here is their direct news feed for Reason updates found here : : https://www.propellerheads.se/download/index.cfm?fuseaction=get_article&article=reason_7_fixlist

    I also wanted to combine Reasons quick notes since many things aren't on disk anymore. it mentioned moving the sound packs out of the folder, install, then add them back.  

    7.0.1 update example - Installing your Reason update

    Important for Mac users! If you have personal files, e.g. ReFills, song files and patches in your Reason application folder, then you must move them to another location before you install the upgrade, or they will be lost.

    1. Move your Reason Sound Banks out of the way.
    Reason requires the Reason 7 Factory Sound Bank and the Orkester Sound Bank. These must be located in the Reason application folder. If you already have these installed, it’s easiest to move them to another folder before updating, and then move them back again afterwards.

    2. Uninstall your previous Reason version.
    Windows users: Use the "Uninstall" function in the Control Panel.
    Mac users: Manually delete the Reason folder.

    3. Install
    Windows users: Extract all files from the downloaded zip archive. Then double click the "Install Reason.exe" installer.
    Mac users: Open the disk image and drag the Reason folder to your Applications folder on your hard drive.

    4. Put your Reason Sound Banks in place.
    If you moved your sound banks in step 1, simply move them back into the Reason application folder again.

    If you don’t have the sound banks on your computer you need to install them again – either copy them from your Reason 7 DVD or download the full Reason 7.0.1 package including sound banks from http://cdn.propellerheads.se/Reason7/Reason_7_soundbanks.zip

    you may need to log in or have access to view, but I also wanted locate that link directly here as well for other users.  I truly hopes this help others moving forward.  

    Have a magnificent year!


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    Make sure you are running both Ableton and Reason as both 64 bit or 32 bit. If they are not in the same bit format, Reason will not go to Slave Mode. See below for info and link.



    Using Reason 6 (or 7) with ReWire (32bit) on a Windows 64-bit operating system

    Using Reason with ReWire on a 64-bit operating system

    "If you are running a 64-bit OS, Reason will automatically install and run in 64-bit mode. However, if you are using
    ReWire, there are a couple of extra considerations:
    * Both the ReWire host and Reason must run in the same mode (32-bit or 64-bit).
    * To use ReWire in 64-bit mode, the ReWire host application must have support for 64-bit ReWire. If not, you
    need to run both programs in 32-bit mode.

    Here's how you run Reason in 32-bit mode under Mac and Windows, respectively:

    1. Make sure Reason isn't running.
    2. Select the Reason application in the Finder and choose "Get Info" from the File menu.
    3. Turn on the option "Open in 32-bit Mode".
    The next time you launch Reason it will run in 32-bit mode.

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