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I a bit of a novice so please bear with me!

I've been using Live 8 for a year or so and want to invest in a hardware synth. I've got £500 to spend and was looking at an MS20 Mini or Arturia Mini Brute. My question relates to how to connect them to Ableton.

Taking the MS20 Mini for example, i know it has midi I/O and a USB connection but i'm confused as to whether the USB will connect to Live and if so how.

I'm assuming that there's not a lot of point connecting via midi, as this will only transfer midi signals to Live rather than the audio to a Live clip.

Would it be possible to connect via an audio interface? I assume not as the MS20 doesn't appear to have an audio output. Will I have to go from the MS20 to a mic to an audio interface to get it into a Live clip? 

I'm confused!!


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    I believe the usb on the mb is only for synching with the daw clock.  Once you've plugged it in you can set the arp clock to ext, push play in ableton and it will sync.

    For the ms20, from what I read the usb offers a few more features such as using the synth as a midi controller as well as sequencing the synth.

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    For the audio you will need an audio interface with two inputs. Once you connect it to your computer have it you choose it in preferences and activate the inputs. 


    Add a midi track and use the External Instrument device to get the audio from the synth and send MIDI to it in the same chanel.

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