Hardware and Software Connectivity

I have the following hardware and software and have been playing around a little to get the best setup and to have them all potentially running together. 

Therefore I am after some guidance/templates on how to best connect them together.


iMac (3 USBs)

M Audio Pro Fire 610 Audio Interface

Korg Kontrol 49

NI Maschine

Akai APC40

M-Audio Producer USB Mic




Ableton Suite 8

Reason 6.5

Logic Pro 9

NI Maschine + Komplete Ultimate 8




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    What do you mean? Don't tell me you simply bought hard- and software for thousands of euros and don't know how they work?

    Connection is easy: controllers in usb, Maschine in usb, audio interface in usb (or firewire) and speakers connected to the interface.
    Even some of the software can work together via rewire or as vst plugin.
    But why would you want to use 3 different (expensive) sequencers?
    And why buy loads of gear if you don't even know how to use it?

    This is all basic stuff that can be found in all the manuals, in tutorials online, etc.

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