Hard Disk Overload - Recent Problem

I've recently started having issues with the hard disk overload, something I've never encountered before.

I recently changed my hard drive.  Same spec as my previous one, only larger in size.  I never had any issues with my old drive.

I don't have to have multiple tracks running for issues to occur, sometimes just one audio track playing.

Any idea why this issue could just have happened?

I'm running a MacBook, 500Gb hard drive and Live 8


Yeeeehaaaa7 4 years ago | 1 comment

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  • jdsm1984
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    i can't answer your question but ihave 2 macbook pros because the first one turn out to be lemon that the diagnostic machinces apple uses at there stores couldn't ever see. I've had the hd replace but it didn't help so it will get sent away i hope, so i got another mac boook pro in march with a solid state drive..... which worked really well up till last week i'm getting hard disk over loads with barely bed track laid out... in the last year i found one guy in vancouver that really knew what was up on how ableton and macs interface. I'm on a mission to find out wtf goes on and how to remedy itcause i can't afford for this comp to go not right now if i find anything ill post jt here Good Luck Mate

    4 years ago | 1 comment

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