Haha... use Google drive for your User Library!


I tested it and it works great.

I installed Ableton Live 9 on my laptop and music PC.

I changed the User Library location to my Google Drive (wich comes with 15gb of free space).

It does not matter on wich PC/Laptop I make changes to my library.

They get synced!


mnieuwhof 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • tom49
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    Very good. Everybody needs to decide whether or not they want to be connected to the internet all the time and access Library data over the internet. I prefer working offline and, if necessary buy another external hard drive.

    4 years ago | 3 comments
  • kmoneybts
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    I do something similar with drop box, I keep all my custom made kontakt and battery kits in there. 

    Theres an interesting video w/ dada life where they talk about their workflow where they work on tracks in drop box.

    Found the video (they talk about drop box at about 5:29): http://www.musicradar.com/us/futuremusic/dada-life-interview-and-video-studio-tour-565397

    4 years ago | 0 comments
  • Yfalmagne
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    I'm testing this out right now and its working well. I can save samples, presets, and whatever else and they are accessible from either machine no matter which one the new files were created on.

    Trying to sync the packs as well, but I'm not sure if it wrks the same way. Ableton "installs" the pack which before and after is a UNIX file, (it opens in terminal by default), but its not the same file. If somehow the install makes Live "aware" that the pack is there then I may have to reinstall everything. 

    If anyone has any advice about syncing packs; good or bad idea, can it be done, etc.

    But yes, I'd be happy to just have my user library synced. Its pretty sweet. 

    6 months ago | 0 comments

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