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I bought the Griffin DJ connect only to find out it does not work well enough with Ableton Live 9. The volume to the headphones is super faint and the audio knob has no effect.  got in touch with Griffin and they said it was meant for Algoriddim, so no luck there.  


Could someone inform me of good quality devices compatible with Ableton Live 9 that will allow me to pre cue my clips in my headphones  before sending them to the audience.


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    Any device wirh enough audio channels will do. And of course it should allow for some internal routing.
    But there are too many choices there: you will have to decide for yourself.
    Basically, any external soundcard with at least 4 channels (2 stereo channels) will do.
    Example: route the main output of Live to channel 1&2 (= L+R)
    Set the cue channel to 3&4 (again, L+ R).

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