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Hey guys,
Long time reader, first time poster here!
I am looking into ordering/building a custom Laptop and I am just researching how easy it is to transfer back from Mac to Windows. I've read about re-downloading Live 9 with the correct licence, and I also feel comfortable re-downloading all the Packs I have bought/downloaded from the Ableton site. All of that is good with me so far. I also feel confident with transferring the projects what with the option of Collect All and Save etc.
What I am interested in is the third party packs/plug-ins I have - can these be transferred from the Mac to the PC? I appreciate the AUs can't but the VSTs should still work. Is there an easy way that definitely works to do this? Like drag n drop them from Mac to PC? Or would it just be easier to locate the pages I got them from and re-download them again?
Thanks in advance!


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  • Michielnuyts
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    Yes you should re-install the VST's from their original website/source. 
    I don't think Mac Plugins would work on a Windows :) 

    The rest should be easy, though it will take some time.
    Try to make an extra backup of your current projects, because windows has the habit of not always copying all the samples. There is always a chance there could be a sample here and there missing. So be sure to have em all. 

    3 years ago | 1 comment

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