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This is probably quite an obvious and basic thing to know but I cant seem to find anything about it anywhere - basically when I work in arrangement view I can trim and loop my samples, place them anywhere I want so they sound how I want them to sound when I want them to sound - if that makes sense. But, I am trying to learn session view and when I drop an already trimmed and looped audio sample into a clip it does not play properly, it seems to lengthen the loop as if its going to play the whole song that I have sampled from - do I have to re-do my samples especiallly for session view or am I missing something really basic?


andyrich1512 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • cygnal
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    Are the clips in arrangement view actually set to loop, or do you just copy/paste them?

    Also make sure your "loop" markers are correct; these are distinct from start/end markers, so you can have a clip that starts from beginning but loops in the middle. However, arragnement view clips' start/end markers can also be set by dragging the clip edges along the timeline

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  • andyrich1512
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    Hi Cygnal

    The clips in arrangement arent actually looped, but just have set start end points which I set with the numbered positions in the sample editor box as I find that easier than messing about with the loop brace.

    Think I'll have a play with it some more, thanks for the advice!


    3 years ago | 0 comments

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