Having trouble with CPU use on a huge session with many tracks.  
One cause seems related to the use of a sampler, when the warp type is switched from "Complex Pro" to "Beats", or if the track is removed, the CPU use goes down considerably.
Tried to "freeze" the sampler track instead, but received this message:
"The selected time range is too long to be frozen into a single file.  5247 MB would be required for the new sample, and Live cannot create freeze files larger than 2047 MB"
Are there any other suggestions for keeping the session running more smoothly?  Have plenty of RAM and processing power.  The session itself is 8.87 MB.
Ableton Live 9 Suite (9.6.1 Build 2016-3-24)
System specs:
Intel® X99 
Asus® X99 Deluxe II 
Intel® Core™ i7 6850K 3.8GHz  
64GB - 4x16GB - 2400MHz - DDR4 
Video Card 
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 8GB 
External Sound Card 
RME Fireface UFX
Operating System Drive 
Micron® 1100 SSD 1TB - OS 
64-Bit Operating System 
Microsoft® Windows 10 Pro 


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    Wow - a four and a half hour session ?!That's hardcore !

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