Free to delete Live 7 Library?

I upgraded to Live 8 Suite a while back, and I just realized that I still have Live 7's Suite library on my computer. It's a big chunk of space (40-ish gigs). Since I'm happy with Live 8 and use it all the time now, is it safe to delete Live 7's library?

And in that same vein, is it safe to delete previous versions of Live on my computer, i.e., Live 7 & Live 8.2.6?


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    Hi there,


    If you are sure you will not be needing the Live 7 Library anymore, there is certainly little point in keeping it. : )


    However, I would advise to quickly go through it and make sure you will not be deleting any of your own unique presets that you might want to revisit at some point in the future - just to be on the safe side.


    Regarding the applications themselves, you can delete them without affecting the latest version of Live currently installed on your machine in any way. 


    Hope this helps and all the best,


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