Forced to buy Sampler to open tune made on Trial version of Ableton? Anyone know of a way around this?


I made a project where i had access to sampler as i took advantage of the free trial of Suite first that include sampler. 

After my Suite trial ended I bought the Standard version.  I have since revisited a project made during the Suite trial but when creating the tune I used Sampler that is bundled with Suite.  

I dont have access to Sampler anymore as I bought the Standard version.  I really and don't need it hence me buying Standard.  

However, seems as Sampler is required to open the project.  I see no way to open it without I now cannot save or export my project what prohibits any further development of my tune.

I have tried what I thought the obvious.  Delete the one instance of Sampler and hoped that would allow me too save as I no longer am using Sampler.  This does not work and I still cant save.  

I don't want to be forced into buying Sampler just because I was daft enough to use the trial version of Ableton.  

Anyone offer any help to how I move forward with this project



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