Force full length playback of MIDI Clip

Is it possible to tell a clip to play in it's entirety before the next clip starts? For example I have a melody that must play to its end before the next clip starts playing. Currently pressing the play button on the next clip stops the current clip at the end of the bar then starts the newly selected one. I've tried setting the next clip quantise to the full length of the preceding clip (the melody) but this isn't quite what I'd like. Is there a way to force a clip to play completely before launching the next?

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    So if you want one that will change and be dynamic if you are changing the length of the loop, then the best thing to do would be to contact ableton and say you want that feature, because that would save a lot of time when programming a live show.

    However, if you know how long the clip is going to be and you just want it to go to the next one automatically, then all you have to do is press the little "L" button in the bottom left corner when you are in clip overview. This will give you access to follow actions. To program when the next clip should follow, all you have to do is program into the previous clip when it should play the next clip.

    So if clip #11 is playing and it will be done in 16 bars, then you should set the first number to 16 and set the consecutive numbers to 0 and 0. Then set the left arrow to a downward arrow, or next and set the left number box to 999. The right boxes do not matter unless you do not want to know what will come next.

    let me know if this works. This stuff can be found in the user manual by searching "follow action" and feel free to post back with any questions.

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  • topbanana
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    Thanks Michael for your helpful reply. It would be great if it was possible to set a clip properties to play completely before the next clip starts. This would be especially usefull if it is used as a live sound effect in a show or presentation. Hopefully the Ableton folks will consider this as a worthwhile addition please.

    Best regards


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  • S.Rueckwardt
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    Hi, yes new mode's for follow action, please Ableton do it .
    I think thats a miss in live 9 .,.
    P.s. With two clips both in gate mode its possible to bring the second clip to play the full loop length .The first clip has set fallow action .. . i trigger the first clip over the whole loop length with controller or mouse . the fallow action will start the next clip .the second clip,starts playing and runs the full length altthough both clips ar in gate mode...(.without trigger the second clip the whole time with a controller or mouse.)
    I dont know its a bug or feature .
    I find this usefull with audio samples...but its not exactly what we want I know.

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