For freaking sake! It's doing it again :O HELP

My worst nemesis bug has returned! I'm replaying a part on my track and some of the notes don't stop playing. The particular track is a piano with strings chorus (Reason rewire via Combinator instrument). As the piano part plays, the strings latch onto some of the long notes and play them for way longer than they should. In FACT, when I stop playing the whole track, they keep playing until I press space quickly and then again. 

This happened before using only Absynth instruments on another track I did years ago. Ableton Support couldn't figure it out. I've changed the instrument and it's still doing it. I've deleted all midi sustain pedal (64) and that still hasn't helped. Any ideas?


Thank you

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    Okay, I was able to remove a couple of tracks that I had been using via Reason Rewire. Doing that removed the problem though I'm still unaware what caused the sudden problem. :/

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