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The easiest way to explain my problem is looking at three scenes with global quantize set to 8 bars
Scene 1 is 9 bars and is set to follow action (next)
Scene 2  is 8 bars and set to loop
Scene 3 is 8 bars and set to loop or follow action (both occur in my live project)
When I trigger scene 3, ableton is counting the 8 bar count based on the measures in scene 1 + scene 2. This results in scene 3 triggering 'out of time'.
If I want it to be in time, I have to change the clip quantize of scene 3 to a bar and push the trigger precisely on the 8th bar of scene 2
I'm trying to find any work around that would allow me the option of launching into scene 3 at any time within an 8 bar phrase and have scene 3 come in on 'the one' relative to scene 2 and not 'the one' relative to the sum of measures in scene 1 & 2
This quantization problem gets even more complicated when I'm coming from a long scene that has a tempo change within the audio. There are cases in the project running my live show where I have to hit the trigger precisely on the 1/8 note of the last 1/4note in bar 8 in order to launch the next scene on 'the one' - very tricky to keep track of
 Is there a way to have the clock restart it's count every time a new clip is triggered even if it's not manually triggered but coming from a follow action?
I'm not sure what could fix this, any help is greatly appreciated!


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  • hilker
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    You could add seven bars of silence to the beginning of scene one, making it 16 bars long. Then everything would sync up with eight-bar quantize.

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