Fixing midi track distortion?


All my midi track audio signals are distorted. (Not clipping OR Buffer Rate drop outs)

This started yesterday for no apparent reason- No settings altered?

Mac running Yosemite 10.2.2, Live 9.1.7, Novation MkII61 Keyboard, Apogee Duet

Unsuccessful attempts to resolve and troubleshoot by:

1. Reboot

2.Checked Connections, Adjusted Buffer size, Reviewed Midi Configuration

3. Updated/Reinstalled Drivers for Interface and Keyboard

4.Signal test through 2nd Keyboard,2nd Daw(Logic), 2nd Routing (Mac Built-in Output) all with the same resulting midi track distortion.

SO... It's A Mac issue & not a Live specific one. I hoped though with this being such a supportive community that someone might have some experience/input regarding this type of problem. 

Thanks very much 






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8tbuttons 3 years ago | 0 comments

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