!!! Fixed Length clip !!! in Session mode not working... Scripts for it?

Hi everyone,

I'm struggling with the Fixed length recording function on my Push. This is what I want to do :
On Push, when you hit Fixed length, you HAVE to play the notes on Push to get a Fixed length clip recorded.
But if you simply create a new clip in Session view on Push, the length of the new clip won't be fixed and looped.
This destroy my workflow as I'm a keyboard player and I need to play keyboard to record notes in a clip.
So , brothers and sisters of digital music , 
I already look at the Midi remote scripts of Livid controllers and Push, I already guess which lines of those scripts create the fixed length recording (FixedLengthRecordingBlablabla in SessionRecordingComponent) and I would like to tweak it for guetting this function as this :
If Fixed length is enabled, ALL new clips length will be fixed and looped after x bars, no matter if you use Note Mode or Session Mode.
Any help or suggestions?
And sorry for my bad english
Thanx !


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  • LithiuMind
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    Oh man!  I don't understand this?!

    I want this exact same thing and it seems like such a basic function.  Why doesn't this work?  I'm really hoping Ableton will fix in a Firmware update... it doesn't make sense why you cannot do this.

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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