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I have a MBP (2.6 i7 with 8gigs RAM) with a 180gb SSD and a 750gb SATA on board running live 8 & 9 on OSX 10.8.2.  Currently, space on my SSD is limited so I would like to store as much as possible on the SATA.  I currently have everything Ableton related on the SSD.  I am new to MBP and to Live but will be using it 80% of the time for production, 10% of the time for live performing and 10% of the time for recording (I have external audio interfaces).  My questions for all of you amazing people are;  1)  Should I be keeping Live 8- does it have anything that nine doesn't?  Is there a huge benefit to having both?  2)  How and where would you store all of your files.  What is the best way to set myself up given what I have and what I do?  Your help is appreciated, good to be a part of this community- love the vibe!


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    So, I have a very similar setup to yours with a MBP and very fast processor and accessing locations (1 SSD, 1 Data Drive). I have found that there might be a slight difference in processing speed with Live 9, but I have yet to do some real analysis on it, and right now I am just speculating based off of a week of experience with it. I know some professionals have had great luck with even the beta version during live performance for months now, so I could be wrong. I would say, yes, do keep both for now. Just in case there is a version that you update to that for some reason does not like your setup. Keep version 8. (this should really be done with any software when it is still an adolescent. I actually have version 9, version 8 and version 9 - 32 bit (just so I could work with both and see any advantage or disadvantage). There is no reason to keep Version 8 except for safety and possibly the reasons I am going to list below, which you might be able to do.

    As far as production being your major passtime, I would say you should get the 64 bit version only if you use large project files with lots of samples (over 4 gigs). There may be some Plugins that do not work with the 64 bit version of Ableton. Just know what you are working with.

    Personally, I have the Library, all of my project files, and all of my Live Packs located on the Data drive. The only things that I have for Ableton on my SSD are the Plugins and Ableton. You do not need to have anything else on your SSD and Ableton will still work swimmingly.

    As far as live shows, I would just suggest using the RAM function located in the clip overview to the right under the heading "Sample" for your samples just to make sure that you will not have any pops/clicks when you need to access lots of files all at once. This will load your samples onto your ram so they will be accessed as quickly as if they were on your SSD.

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