File Management - My User Library has been my Project Folder for a Year!

Hey helpful folks,

I've been using Live for a couple years, and now want to organize my past works and keep them well organized going forward. 

After studying up on file management, I've realized to my horror for the last year, I've been saving my sets in my User Library, and Live has all this time been using the User Library folder as a project folder. I now have many dozens of unrelated sets in there, which all share a few folders for samples and clips etc.

I really want to use the Project feature properly and organize my sets. Is this possible to do retroactively? What's the best way to get my sets into their own project folders (90% should have their own), with their own samples and clips and presets?

thanks for reading and hope you can help!


igneous 2 years ago | 0 comments

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