Can I do some cool light shows on Push 2 like launchpad?!

Hello People!

Im a producer that used logic pro x for a while and now i switched to Live 9 Suite and this DAW is really Awesome.


I'm planning on getting the new push 2 from ableton

But I am wondering if I can do those cool light show stuff that people do on their Novation Launchpad


I did some research for my self and it seems like that Push 2 is more of a production gear but not a Performance gear(correct me if I'm wrong!)

My impression to Push 2 is that it looks a little stiff and looks very good for production process. But seems like Launchpad is more suitable for performing. 

I don't really want to pay 799 dollars for Push 2 since I can pretty much do those kind of things with my mouse and my keyboard. 

I want to produce my music and play it live with my midi controller such as push or launchpad and I really want those cool looking light show.


Can you 'perform' a full track with push 2? 

and can you also add cool light shows?


If you those two features are on launchpad I think I will just go with the Launchpad.

Help me out guys thanks a lot.



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  • MaximumVelocity127
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    I have had the same problem with my Ableton Push 1 but I solved it pretty easily. You need to turn your lights bar to Auto and your samples bar to In. Once you have done that it is super easy to make light shows.

    P.S. I recommend using Exige's Max Plugin as it is super duper helpful and super easy to use, there are some great videos out there showing you how to use it and set it up I recommend InspirAspir or Kaskobi's Tutorial

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Use a launchpad or push. Doesn't matter, as long as the chosen controller does what you want it to do.

    And yes,Push is very much suitable for liev performance, because it offers more options to actually make something new in a live situation compared to a launchpad.

    Also, Push was made specifically for Live, so that gives you more options.

    If all you want to do is launch clips or something like that, go for a launchpad.

    But if you want a touch-slider, direct link with Live, step sequencer and rotary buttons added to that, choose Push.

    About the "lightshow" thing: sorry, but is that really something you need? Why? So you can show people you put a lot of effort in making a funny pattern on your controller?

    And then what? You want people to stare at your funky controller or do you want them to dance and be impressed with your production/performance skills?



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