Feature Reqest: Alternate Time Display

Greetings, community

Andy Warhol once said "Everybody must have a fantasy."

Right now, mine is an optional mode for the ARRANGEMENT POSITION display that would allow it to show HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS:FRAMES if desired.

As I follow my fantasy even further, I see myself right-clicking on the Arrangement Position fields and, instead of "No Commands Available", a choice is presented:

Show Measures

Show Real time

Or, perhaps alternately, a new floating window (that can be shown or hidden) dedicated to the display of running time HH:MM:SS:FF would be just as marvelous.

I appreciate that LIVE's very elastic approach to the concept of "time", might make it difficult to achieve this, because accurate re-calculation for the times of the current position of the playback position might be challenging if various time-stretching actions had been taken while display was varied to "Show Measures".

But, it's like Andy said.

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    i JUST noticed the realtime ruler at the bottom of the Arrangement View. that's certainly helpful (and certainly my bad for not seeing it until just now!) 

    i expect that a combination of that ruler, the ARRANGEMENT POSITION display, and locators probably gets me where I want to go.

    OK! Next fantasy!


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