EZdrummmer not showing up in plugins

I have EZdrummer lite installed on my computer and the .dll is in the folder that ableton uses, but its not showing up. My MS-20 shows up and some random ones I have, but EZdrummer doesn't. It's worked before, btw. Any clue what could be wrong? Thanks!




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  • kungfudaz
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    Just stumbled across your question as I am having similar issues with Maschine and other plug ins not showing up in the Ableton 9 beta (they work fine in 8).


    Just curious to know if you found a solution ?





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  • cygnal
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    I have EZdrummer "Lite" (time-unlimited demo)


    There are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of EZdrummer Lite. Make sure you installed the right version. It's best you install only one version.

    I also had the problem, under XP, with access permissions: the registry key was unavailable when run under normal user. I had to manually specify read/write permissions on its registry key, under HKLM.

    Hope this helps a bit...

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  • msepsis
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    to add to what cygnal just said, if you're using win 7 and dont want to mess w/ registry keys or permissions just yet go ahead and put the DLL in a folder off the root of your C drive, name it "VSTS" or something similarly obvious, then point live to scan this folder for plugins. I'm new to ableton but it seems ableton is only 32 bit?? Be sure you've installed the 32 bit version of EZDL.

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  • MatthewA
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    Hi everyone, 

    I had success! All my pluggins are viewable now. I hope this helps. 

    I too was searching for an answer on this. I'm a Mac user so I'm unsure if it's different for PC. I'm using Live Suite 9.

    Anyways this is what I did. 

    Top Left hand corner I clicked on Live > Preferences > File Folder (4th option down).

    Towards the bottom is a section called Plugin Sources. I selected "ON" for use Audio Units. 

    Instantly I had all of my pluggins viewable -

    • Waves 
    • Toontrack (Ezdrummer)
    • Audible Genius for the Primer training synth used with Syntorial
    • Native Instruments for Kontakt 5 and some Apple ones probably from Garage Band. 

    Once again I hope this helps. 

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