Extreme (and moderate) latency using Alesis Trigger IO and electronic drum pads

Alesis Trigger IO question number two:

I have witnessed extremely variable latency from Ableton when using the Alesis Trigger IO and electronic drum pads to trigger samples in Live's drum rack.  Sometimes this latency is as high as ~0.5 seconds, sometimes (multiple) hard and soft reboots will correct the issue or reduce it to a playable level.  Overall, the latency when using the Alesis Trigger IO is pretty bad when compared to a MIDI keyboard (ala Oxygen).  It's bad to the point where I'm forced to play single shot events as opposed to full beats on the pads, let along playing my electronic and acoustic drums together.  Obviously "hardware is faster" is the immediate reaction, but frankly I hear comments from people playing full electronic drum kits on BFD and Battery all the time who have no issue with this.

Is this an Alesis Trigger IO issue exclusively?  Is there something I can do to speed up performance here?  I'm not playing deeply layered samples here.  These are usually single-layer 1 second sounds.  I rarely (if ever) experience any noticeable latency with the Oxygen keyboard I used on the same rig.

More info on my setup can be found here: http://morganhendry.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/adding-an-electronics-rig-to-an-acoustic-drum-set/

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    If your keyboard isn't giving you latency and isn't varying it's reliability than I think it would be safe to assume the problem isn't with Live. I personally use an SPD-S and MOTU UltraLite to trigger samples and it's amazingly stable and fast.

    I think it could be 1 of 2 things.

    1. Hardware. Your brain or midi interface isn't playing nice. Either the brain isn't outputting midi in a reliable fashion or the interface getting the midi and giving it to your computer isn't. Try finding another midi device to test.

    2. Software. Your interface driver isn't playing nice. If your midi interface needs a driver that could be your issue. My midi sport acts up a lot. the driver is horrible. i finally found an old one that resolved latency issues.

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