External Synth with Motu Microlite randomly continues playing notes

Hello, I just changed my old Daw and i bought a new 21 iMac with Mavericks OS, so installing everything new i noticed this issue: 

As written in the title i use three external synths, two of which have only mido connections without USB (Moog Voyager and Micro Korg).

My configuration is this: Motu 828 MKIII Firweire (so old version), Push, Maschine Studio, Remote SL MKII (With Automap 4.8) and.... Motu Micro Lite.

Last driver/firmware downloaded for everything, obviously for Live too (I'm using 32 bit version)

When i'm playing chords, arpeggios or notes on external synths randomly, but frequently, a notes remain active and continues playing... it's impossible to use it.

I tried disconnecting every controllers but the MicroLite, I changed the USB connection port on iMac rear panel, I closed Automap, ...nothing works.

I connected the External Synth to the 828 MKIII midi port or to Maschine Midi Out and IT WORKS PERFECTLY! 

So the problem is the Microlite Midi interface... it's strange because on old iMac (2009) with Live 9.1.4 i didn't noticed it (but Mac used to crash frequently in last period, so maybe it's just a case)
Do i need to change Midi interface?
Do you know a solution?
Ok i could use other ports, but it's quite frustrating and not so simple to change cable connections...
Thank you

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