External sound card for a laptop

Hi' guys.
I am very new to digital music production, and I am looking for away to improve the sound coming out of my laptop.
I know that studio monitors should improve the sound, but would an external sound card be a better option first. Is that going to make a considerable difference to the audio.
Also is it better to get an audio interface with sound card built in or go for a stand alone external sound card.
Any recommendations or models would be appreciated.
Cheers, Malc.


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  • hilker
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    The built-in sound in a laptop is usually not great, as the different components of a computer packed into such a small space can cause interference. An audio interface with a built-in sound card, along with studio monitors, should noticeably improve sound quality. Monitors without an interface will have a wider, more accurate frequency response and louder volume than your laptop's speakers, but will still be subject to the laptop's internal interference. Focusrite Scarlett interfaces are good value at a fairly low price point.

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  • skuttler
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    2 years playing with gear not my guitar anyway, I find lots of old electonics in the bin and experiment,, I wired 2 laptops speaker systems, to hed fon out sockets both easily doubled there volumn you must use 4 wire like audio out ,not a common earth , I have also done my little LINX i3 and now researching getting in and doing my Surface 3 i7 thats hed fon volume only tho,,I bought a USB adittional hed phone plug and then a 2 channel 16 bit card ,,,neither could get enough gain for electric guitar ,cheep learning tho,, now magic, I found a tape cassett to USB  on the bin , tape heads must be very low signals, so I wired it, and great ,mic & git ,only one gain tho , When I set out to computer record , I wanted 24 bit 96 khz sampling as the DAWS ,I think you need powerfull PC for this, so the 16 bit on 350mA tablet on solar is OK for AtoD and the midi channels ,if sampled at high quality are more inportant for volume mixing, to start plug your hed fon out into any hi-fi amp and turn it up, up, up, over a year or two, then learn to Focus your ear on wot you hear,,Jon ,,joining in

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