external instruments - MIDI timing problems

When I use my Virus B with external instrument on a MIDI track I got timing problems wit MIDI playback especialy with fast sequences. When I use a normal MIDI track without External instrument device, with the same sequence, everything seems to be OK.

Is it a bug or I am doing something completly wrong?




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  • jonasbj
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    Have you tried to adjust the "track delay", the "MIDI Clock Sync Delay", "Sync Type" and "Hardware Latency"?

    You'll find "track delay" at the bottom of the track in session view and to the right of the track in arrange view. If you can't find it, reveal it by pressing the "D" at the right side of your main view.

    You'll find the "MIDI Clock Sync Delay" and the "Sync Type" in preferences -> MIDI/Sync by expanding your input or output by pressing it's corresponding arrow to the left of the name.

    "Hardware Latency" is found at the bottom of your "External Instrument" device.

    Also, if you're recording, be sure that you're aware of the state of your "Record Quantization", found at edit -> Record Quantization.

    Or maybe you're running OSX Lion? read this:


    Known Issues
    We have found an issue that causes Live to freeze when sending MIDI out, either to external hardware or internally via the IAC bus.

    We are currently working on a solution for this problem, which we will release in a bugfix update as soon as possible. Until this update is available, we do not recommend updating to Lion.

    Note: the freeze only occurs when multicore support is enabled. As a temporary workaround, disable Multicore/Multiprocessor Support, which can be found in the CPU tab of Live's Preferences.

    We have recently released a new beta version - Live 8.2.5b1 - which solves the above issues. It is available here:

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  • osvfelices
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    In Ableton Live 9 you got the same problem... Is pretty annoying by the way.

    3 years ago | 2 comments
  • G.t.
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    Thanks, it helps a lot! :)

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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