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Hello Guys,


I have question and i need help guide please with setting up my hardware with ableton live. Here is list of my hardware & Audio Interface,

1 - Audio 6 NI, which has 4 jacks input and  In&Ot Midi. 

2- TR-8 Drum, Has USB, Extrenal In, Assignable Out, Mix Out & MIDI Out&In

3- Slim Phaty Has the same plus more. 

4- TB 303, Has Midi Out&In, Output LR and USB.

My question is: Can i connect all these hardware to my Audio Interface without the need to unplug cables or USB cables. I know i should use the External Instrument device that come with Ableton and working all fine but the problem is i need to unplug  or keep changing the Audio input in ableton to TR8 to use it or TB-3 otherwise won't get a sound in to live. 

Or do i need to buy a bigger Audio Interface with 4 midi in & out as well 4 audio jacks in.





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