External Effects on Sends - Latency.

This is what I want to achieve:

Audio track > Sends - External Audio Effects(Kaoss pad) > Record to Audio Track.

...the problem is that I get around 16ms latency on the recording of the sends. I know I could just offset the recorded file but I want to try and get less latency first.

Turning on the Delay Compensation increases the latency of the recording to around 23ms.

Adjusting the 'Hardware Latency' on the External Audio Effect does not reduce the 'late' recording.

If I change the routing to this:

Audio track > Sends > Record to Audio Track with External Effects (Kaoss pad).

...The recording is less than 1ms late....much better :)

I have adjusted the Driver Error Compensation as outlined in the Ableton Lesson but this doesn't help. Currently I have set the Buffer set at its lowest on my Audio Interface. Ableton Preferences Overall Latency as 12ms.

Any ideas of what is going on here and how I might reduce the latency when recording from a Sends/External audio Effects?



j_fonix 3 years ago | 0 comments

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    Any one trying this with an Eventide H9 pedal? Any more tips on reducing latency?

    8 months ago | 1 comment

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