External Audio (Guitar and Vocals): Unwanted delay repeat in monitor

Whenever I plug in an external instrument in Live 9 (Microphone, Guitar, etc), the sound coming through has an unwanted delay or repeat in other words, if I say hello in the mic, it will immediate be followed up with another hello. Like when you're using a delay.

This happens without any effects whatsoever. When I switch to a brand new live set it continues to happen. Eventually after about 30 minutes it just goes away by itself.

Anyone else ever have this issue?



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    What you are hearing is a delay caused by latency, my guess is that the first hello is coming through your audio interface straight to your speakers, and the second hello is what is going through your audio interface into Ableton back to your audio interface and out your speakers. How you correct the issue depends on your recording setup and what you are trying to do. If you haven't done so yet, perform the drive error compensation setup, the drive error compensation will allow you to record incoming audio in sync with existing tracks in Ableton. Personally I don't monitor my sound passing through Ableton, if I'm playing guitar directly into the interface I use the signal going directly to my speakers and not through Ableton, and make sure that monitor is set to "Off" for the track I'm recording into.

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