Exporting with external hardware reverb


I've searched multiple threads about this, but nothing worked for me so far.

I want to export a song in which i'm using an external hardware reverb (Bricasti).

My setup is the following:

1) The audio track with the send to a return track (where i inserted the external reverb)

2) Created an empty audio track with the external audio effect plugin so it renders in real time

I can hear the reverb while exporting, but the resulting audio file doesn't contain the reverb.

Only thing working for me is creating an extra audio track and as an input use the return track, which will result in a big delay.


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    If you set it up correctly, Live will tell you that there is an external device on the send. So it cannot export the track in real time, but has to record the parts first. Usually, live will start recording that part first on export (in real time, that is), and after that you can actually export the results.

    Another option would be to play the entire track and record the external reverb signal, like you alread described.
    Then remove the external audio effect/send, and place the recorded verb signal onto a separate track.
    This signal can be used as a normal audio track (since it is a separate fx layer) and you can then even correct the latency by moving it, add more fx to it, or eq it a bit.

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