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Relatively sure this is very obvious but can't seem to work out how to do it. When i want to export a bunch of samples I have made to save to a folder for later use, I choose my render setting as 'All tracks individually', each track is then exported but each individual sample then becomes the length of the longest track in the set of tracks I am exporting. I.e. Say i export 5 tracks, 4 being 2 bars long the other remaining track being 8 bars long, every 2 bar track is 8 bars long with silence added. How do i resolve this issue?


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    The reason it does that is simple: when exporting audio, Live will export anything that is within the start and end marker of your arrangement. So the rest will be silence.

    To work around this:

    - only export samples of the same length at a time.

    - export samples with different length one by one

    - export them all at once like you did now, and simply cut the silence off using an audio editor.


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