Exporting many clips at once to .ALC files, not ALS or other format?

I want to drag all clips at once from a track to a user library folder to export many Live Clips at once directly to .ALC files. That currently doesn't seem possible.

It seems that Ableton Live 9.5 currently forces exporting more than one selected clip (as opposed to just one clip) to an .ALS file when more than one clip is drag-and-dropped for export at the same time. I can get an .ALC file only if I select and drag-drop one clip at a time. I don't want to drag-and-drop hundreds of clips to create the .alc files. Is there a way to do this at once?

Note, another reason for my goal here is to keep things consistent. After exporting clips from the first set, I need to go to another Set and drag-and-drop even more clips to .ALC files. I don't want them in separate .ALS files. I guess I could have separate ALS files and then, after doing all Sets, gather them into a single dummy set for export to a single ALS, but I'd simply prefer to export clips to individual .ALC files. This will allow me to organize them easily in Explorer in OS folders as one example.

Any way to export Live Clips to .ALC files other than dragging/dropping one clip at a time? Thanks! 


tea3 2 years ago | 0 comments

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