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So i made a dubstep track. Everything sounded fine and the levels were good. However after i exported it sounded like s**t. I don't know what happened to it. the snare was way too loud and the synths changed. I understand that exporting decreases the sound quality, but this was unexpected. Ive exported many other tracks before this one, and they turned out fine. Is there anything i can do (specifically in the exporting process) that will make the track sound like it should?


BaileyWyatt 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Eppe
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    Does it sound like shit and different when you play the exported track on the same computer on the same speakers? That's really weird cause exporting actually shouldnt decrease the sound quality at all. Are you exporting at the same sample rate as the project is in? The sample rate settings in preferences -> audio should be the same as when you specify the settings in the export audio/video window. For example if youre working in a 44,1khz project you should export at that rate.

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    The solution is the auto gain and your sample is peaking. On exporting the auto gain boosts all the lower samples to match the loudest, which can cause this problem. To fix it: Go inside of each sample and lower the volume to half. Then export and see if you have the same issue. The sample may be peaking but the master and channel are not. This should fix it but if not, add a limiter and that will do it. If you don't know how check out the tutorials. 

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  • El Visitor!
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    I've had similar problems: sounds awesome on headphones/monitors/live soundsystem but by the time it reaches an ipod or cd, it's dull and lifeless.
    I thought I needed to learn more about mastering but that didn't really help.
    The only solid solution I've found so far is run live out through a top notch soundcard and record it live into a good quality digital recording facility. I haven't tried routing it directly inside my pc because ableton is my only recording software.

    I'm also toying with sound enhancing in soundforge after render but no results yet.

    If recording out isn't an option I can't help yet but I'm still researching so I'll post back soon.

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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