When I export an audio track from Live, is the tempo that track is exporting in going to be what I've set the Master Tempo at?

For instance, I imported a recorded vinyl audio track to do some retouching and I exported it back to my hard-drive...  If the original track's BPM was 125 and my Master Tempo in Arrangement is 130, which BPM will the exported file fall under?


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    Hi there, 

    The tempo of your exported track will only be altered if you activated warping for the audio file you imported into your set. 

    If warping was not activated for this audio file in Live, the Session tempo will not affect your imported or exported audio file. 

    On the export window you have the option "create analysis file", which will create an .asd file in the same folder you use to export your track. If that .asd file is around when you reimport the audio file into a new set, it will be read as 130 bpm. 

    If you don't want that, make sure to untick this box before exporting or simply delete the .asd file afterwards. 



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